Fallen Officers

Lieutenant Ron Root (August 5, 2005)

Lieutenant Ron Root served many years as the head of the Put-in-Bay Police Department Marine Patrol Division, as well as countless other responsibilities for the police department. Ron was a beloved member of the community and had a special ability to make people laugh. Prior to his career in law enforcement, he was a successful business owner. Ron was successful in his first bout with cancer, but was unable to beat it a second time. Ron passed away in his home, with his wife and family at his side. Ron's #905 badge has been retired is his honor.

K-9 Ajax (September 9, 2001)

Ajax was born in Germany on October 31, 1995. He was trained in criminal apprehension,
narcotics, tracking. and article search. Ajax was searching a building, and later became noticeably ill. A short time later, he was dead. While no actual cause is known, poisoning is suspected.

         Dispatcher Michael Sweeney        SGT. Robert Rigoni           Deputy Bruce Mettler                 Duane Dress
             (December 9, 1983)               (December 9, 1983)         (December 9, 1983)             (December 9, 1983)

Dispatcher Michael Sweeney (Put-in-Bay Police), Sergeant Robert Rigoni (Port Clinton Police), Deputy Bruce Mettler (Ottawa County Sheriff's Office), and EMT/Firefighter Duane Dress(PIBPFD) were killed when the plane they were riding in crashed into Lake Erie. The officers were traveling to assist a police chief on a neighboring island who was suffering a heart attack. All four occupants of the plane were killed in the accident.